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The Box Pool

This football pool is the classic of office pools and it has long been the staple of football pools. The box pool is easy to play and requires no knowledge of the game so everyone can participate. All you need to know is the emails of the people you want to invite. Once a pool is started an e-mail is sent to all the invited users with instructions on how to enter.

The Box Pool consists of a grid of 100 fields. Each player will pick 1-5 fields and submits the picks for approval by the pool admin. An e-mail is sent to pool admin with a notification whenever a user has made a bet that needs to be approved or rejected.

The pool admin can see how many fields each player picked and manage the bets. All players will be able to see what fields have already been taken by the color of the fields. If the fields are not picked they will remain blank. Once the event is ready to start the pool is closed and no one can make any more bets. An e-mail is sent automatically to all users in the pool and they can see the final grid in their Rocketpool account.

Above and to the left of the 100 fields are a series of fields marked with a # sign. Once the pool is closed for bets these fields will be filled randomly with the numbers 0-9 by the system.

At the end of each of the first three quarters and at the end of the game, the last digits in the Super Bowl score is matched with the corresponding box on the grid.

For example, if the first quarter of the game ended with the score tied 3-3, then the player who owns the box where his picks intersects with the number 3 down and number 3 across is the first quarter winner. Not to worry, we will send you the results via email.


Weekly Pick'em

The Pick'em Pool is a great way for players to test their picking skills on a weekly basis. In professional NFL games there are frequently more than 10 games a week, plenty of opportunity to show who knows the sport the best.

Playing the Pick'em Pool is easy. Each week you login to and pick the team that you think will win for each game for that week from an online list of teams and games. After submitting your picks, just sit back, relax, and let the games begin. During the course of the week, you can log-in to see scores of the games that have been played. After the games have been completed for the week, an email is sent out with the final scores of each game and the winner for the week.

The winner of the week is the person who picks the most winning teams for that week out of the list of games.

The pool captain chooses whether the pot is winner takes all or a 50%, 30%, 20% split for the first, second, and third place winners.

To make sure ties are broken, each player selects the final score of a pre-determined game. The player who has a point spread closest to the actual final score wins.

For example: Player 1 selects a final score of 2-1 and Player 2 selects a final score of 3-2. The final score of the game is actually: 3-1.

Player 1 point spread is:
(actual score 3) – (picked score 2) = 1 + (actual score 1) – (picked score 1) = 0
Total point spread = 1

Player 2 point spread is:
(actual score 3) – (picked score 2) = 1 + (actual score 1) – (picked score 2) = 1
Total point spread = 2

Player 1 is the winner with the lowest point spread of 1.



This is not about being stranded on a desert planet. The objective of this pool is to be the last player left by consistently picking a winner during the seasons games. Players that pick a loosing team gets eliminated after the 3rd loosing pick. The survivor pool continues until the end of the season or until only one player remains.

Each week you pick one team in one game as the winner. If that team wins you made the cut. If your team looses then you are one step closer to being blasted off the surface of the pool. On your 3rd wrong pick you are soooo out of the game.

Wait! There's a catch (ever seen a Sci Fi flick that didn't?). Players cannot pick the same team to win more than once during the competition. Once a team has been picked by a playe once it that team is no longer available as a pick for the remainder of the pool.


Pick Six Pool

The goal of the Pick Six Pool is to be the first player to correctly pick the winners of six out of six selected pro football games. Pick the winners, and you win the pool.

If more than one player successfully picks six out of six winners, the pot is split between the winners.

After a player wins the pool ends, but don't worry it's easy to start another pool.

Playing is simple, just log-in to each week, make your picks, and wait for the results of the games. It's all automatic. An email reminder and winner notice is sent out to keep players informed about the progress of the pool.


Ultimate Pool

In the Ultimate pool you not only need to show that you can pick a winner, you need to pick a winners for each game and rate how confident you are about your picks. Out of the weeks games you assign the highest number to the team and game you are most sure of and the lowest number to the team and you are least sure of.

So for the space cadets: To win you need to earn the most points by 1) predicting the winner of each game and 2) ranking each game 1-XX according to what game you think you are most likely to get right. The participant with the highest point score at the end of the game wins.

Take an example a week with 16 games. The lowest number is 1 and the highest is 16. You are pretty sure that the San Francisco 49'ers will beat the Chicago Bears so you pick the 49'ers as the winner and assign that game the number 16. If the 49'ers win you are up 16 space dollars! If they loose you are 16 space dollars away from seeing the pot get swiped by the guy in the cubicle down the hall.

As the game scores come in our mission control team will calculate how well you predicted the entire weeks' line-up. For each correct pick you score is increased by the number you assigned to it, and each incorrect pick will be deducted.

As we said; the player with the highest score wins. Simple quantum mathematics.


Proposition Pool

Proposition pools are like shape shifters, they can be anything you like. Earn the most points by correctly predicting individual happenings. Will your boss trip on the way into the office? How much will the baby weigh when it's born? Will your favorite celebrity win that Oscar™ this year? Any thing and everything can be a proposition.

The player with the most points wins the pot. Fun and easy.


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